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ICH Tea Makers: 
Sunriver Tea has a team of tea technicians boasting an average experience of more than 20 years in tea making, which greatly safeguards the quality of “Sunriver Tea” branded Keemun Black Tea. Among them, three are the inheritors of the tea making technique that has been rated as Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), representing the top-grade level of Keemun Black Tea processing technology in the world.      
Min Xuanwen (production consultant): born in 1933, Min worked for 60 years in the former Keemun Black Tea Factory since 1951, responsible for the export and delivery standards in the factory. In blending artistry, he has attained a degree of perfection; besides, he is the witness to the vicissitude of Keemun Black Tea after the foundation of the New China.  
Lu Guofu (Deputy General Manager): Lu has been engaged in the tea industry since his graduation in 1984, profoundly understanding the art of tea making and production. Guided with unique expertise in production system and management, he is expert in applying innovative concept, meeting market demand and improving tea making and production. At present, he is the assistant production manager of Sunriver Keemun Black Tea Factory. 
Xie Yongzhong (workshop director): Xie has been engaged in tea making on first line for about 40 years. He is proficient in both traditionally manual making and modernized production.  

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