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 Brief Introduction to Keemun Black Tea:

Exquisitely Made Keemun Black Tea: Traditionally made Keemun Black Tea, a typical classic of China’s Congou Black Tea, overflows a strong Oriental aroma. Sophisticated, elaborative and exquisite, the making, consisting of 4 courses in the primary processing and 13 courses in the refinement, adequately integrates the experience, inheritance, diligence and wisdom of champion tea makers.   

Mystical Keemun Black Tea: grown in Keemun, a truly beautiful spot in the southern Anhui, Keemun Black Tea is renowned for its “rich aroma, pure taste, good shape and gorgeous color” and acclaimed as the incomparably best. Its unique aroma was specially named “Keemun Aroma” for a special resemblance to flower, fruit, honey, rose and orchid when it comes to shape, taste and fragrance. 

Top Three High-Aroma Black Tea: Keemun Black Tea enjoys the same fame as Indian Darjeeling and In Sri Lanka Uva, all being known as the world’s Top Three High-Aroma Black Teas. It is the only black tea that has been enlisted into China’s Top Ten Teas.  

Since 1875, Keemun Black Tea, for its top quality and widespread fame, has been in active demands in dozens of countries and regions, including the UK, USA, France and Denmark. 
In 1915, Keemun Black Tea was awarded the Gold Medal at Panama Pacific International Exposition and thus became globally well known. 
In 1961, Keemun Black Tea was enlisted as a beverage for diplomatic receptions.
In 1979, “Keemun Black Tea is famous worldwide”, a compliment given by Deng Xiaoping, one of the most influential leaders in China, on his tour to the Huangshan Mountain.  
In 1987, Keemun Black Tea received “the Gold Medal of the 26th Global Quality Food” in Brussels, Belgium. 
In 1990, Keemun Black Tea was taken as a state gift to the Former Soviet Union by Jiang Zemin, former Chinese President.
In 1992, Keemun Black Tea was awarded Hong Kong International Food Fair. 
Aroma: Keemun aroma is celebrated for its complicated and elegant sensation. Keemun Black Tea, tinged with the scent similar to flower, fruit and honey, gives off sweet, tasteful fragrance, and is imbued with an enchanting grace. 
Taste: Keemun Black Tea tastes elegant and mild, best suitable for direct drink, and goes well with cakes, pies or a Japanese-style snacks. The best in tasting Keemun Black Tea is to savor just superb roughness and pleasant mouth feel, which is mild, robust and sureness, bringing to the drinker courteous gentleness. 


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