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Sunriver Tea, based on the top-grade tea production area in Keemun (also called Qimen) County, the place of origin, is devoted to the construction and maintenance of fine quality tea resources in the core production area; focusing on tea source, it brings into effect the policy of “unified control” and guarantee the source and quality of fresh tea leaves, thus putting under control the quality of its tea products.  

Sunriver Keemun Ecological Demonstration Park for Keemun Black Tea is located in Likou, Huangshan City, the very cradle land of Keemun Black Tea, and adjacent to Gu’niujiang Scenic Area that is rated as a state-level natural reserve and a national geological park. Layer upon layer of mountains and peaks, stretching along the horizon, is a premium guarantee to the superb ecology in the tea plantation. The Zhuye Cultivar (Qimen species) in the base is the top-grade raw material for making Keemun Black Tea and a state-level, rare resource of sexual species.   


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